Who are we and how can we help?

Children come to us when they are having problems with their behaviour, family, school adjustment, friends, learning, or their own personal thoughts and feelings.  Many children have difficulty succeeding, coping, or getting along with others at some point in their life.  The children who come to us may be having difficulty in any or all of the important areas of their life.  Their difficulties may be related to short-term stress or longer term problems.  When parents, educators, and other caregivers struggle to understand why the child is having difficulty or how best to help and support the child, we are able to help.   Children also come to us when parents have questions regarding their child's academic needs and wish to gain information to assist them in making important academic programming decisions on behalf of their child.

At  Children’s Psychological Services you will be supported in your efforts to understand and assist your child by an experienced professional with a high level of training in child psychology, children’s school functioning, and children’s mental health, disabilities, and disorders.   Assistance is provided to children who are struggling with common childhood stressors, children who have unique learning needs, as well as youngsters struggling to overcome serious developmental or mental health problems.  As parents and caregivers, you are provided with information to help you understand why your child is struggling and how you can assist and support your child.  Your child and family may also take part in therapy to assist in overcoming problems.


The primary clinician and therapist at Children’s Psychological Services is Lyla Caudle, M.A. C. Psych. Assoc.  Lyla is a registered psychological associate with The College of Psychologists of Ontario and has over 15 years experience providing child psychology services.  She is qualified to provide clinical psychology and school psychology services.  She worked for many years providing psychological assessment and treatment services to children and families attending a hospital based outpatient mental health program and has also spent a number of years providing psychology services within several school boards in Ontario.   In order to obtain her registration with The College of Psychologists of Ontario, Lyla has been required to meet high standards for education, training, and work experience in the field of psychology and has been required to undertake several formal examinations.  In order to maintain her registration, Lyla is required to ensure her knowledge and skills remain up to date and to maintain high ethical standards in her work.  

The direct clinical work at Children’s Psychological Services is provided by Lyla Caudle, M.A. C.Psych.Assoc..    However, in order to provide you and your child with the best possible service, Lyla may consult with professional colleagues.   


Lyla Caudle, M.A. C.Psych.Assoc.