We're not sure what our child needs.

Can you still help?

Parents often have worries about their child's learning, behaviour, moods, or development but are unsure whether their child and family really needs help or whether things will just get better on their own.   At other times, parents know their child needs help but they don't know what kind of help or how much help, or whether they really want to commit to working with a therapist over a period of time.  There are also instances when parents just have a few questions they want to run by someone who has professional expertise in child psychology.  In all of these instances, parents can come to Children's Psychological Services for a single session consultation to discuss their concerns or questions.

What is a single session consultation?
In a single session consultation, parents are invited to come to a single appointment to discuss their concerns or questions and to obtain an opinion regarding how they might proceed in addressing the issues that brought them to the consultation.   Some questions may be answered immediately.  These would include questions of a more general nature which tap into the therapists knowledge of child development, child psychology, community services and supports, or information resources to assist parents in addressing their concerns. 

When responding to questions and concerns which are specific to an individual child, the therapist is able to provide information regarding what "next steps" the family may want to take to address their concerns.   Recommendations may be made regarding accessing specific resources or reading materials, seeking community based support services, seeking further evaluation by other professionals (such as specific types of physicians or pathologists), or proceeding with further psychological assessment or treatment services.

Essentially, parents come to single session consultations when they have questions or concerns about their child but are uncertain how to proceed in having their concerns addressed.   The session provides the opportunity for parents to access an opinion from a child psychology professional who can provide them with information, resources, and recommendations regarding what steps they may want to take to address their concerns.  The service is helpful to parents who are unsure whether their child is in need of psychological services and to parents who are not looking for more extensive psychological services but would like some brief input regarding their concerns or questions.

Lyla Caudle, M.A. C.Psych. Assoc.